Our Process

Have you ever told a really exciting story to a friend?

Chances are it wasn’t about a single moment. It was a string of exciting moments connected together that could make anyone laugh or cry. If you would have told it one sentence at a time, randomly, all mixed up with your hands tied behind your back it really wouldn’t have done it justice, would it? In the same way, telling your wedding day story with single, random photos would be like telling your story with your hands tied. The true meaning and emotion could never really come across 10, 20, or 100 years from now.

Your Wedding Day Legacy

We surpass this by visually narrating the story of your day. Your wedding day legacy becomes coherent and elegant. It opens up to the romance it is meant to be. It becomes beautiful. We even imagine it as a bedtime story for your children and grandchildren. Yes, we are kind of sappy.

We are also experienced in connecting with you, your family and wedding party. We calmly guide you throughout the day. Our demeanor helps even those who feel a bit awkward being photographed to relax and enjoy the ride. Having less stress and worry opens the door to a day of genuine emotions that are exciting, romantic, playful and ultimately, very real. You look natural.

We Want to Know You

Our team wants to get to know you. We want to make your day as wonderful and worry-free as possible. We call it “Wrapping our loving photographic arms around you”. We are there for you leading up to the day, on the day, and during the ultimate delivery of your story in both print, online gallery, and handcrafted wall art.

We endeavor to be very close to you to help make the most memorable day of your lives. We are local. We customize specifically for you.

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