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I Cannot Imagine Not Doing This!


Think Rolex and HulaHoop altogether, like RolaHoop.

If you like classic beauty spiced up with your playful side, you have come to the right place. 

Passion Started Young

At three years old, I could be impressed by most things. Grandpa would visit about once a week. He rarely failed to bring his brownie camera so my sister and I could pose with our toy guns, cowboy hats, dolls, bikes, or whatever we could in front of the brown Ford Fairlane. We were good at begging to be photographed -- without really looking like we were begging. Grandpa always got it. Back then black and white pictures - all we could afford - usually took a week to develop. A week was a longggg wait.  When they arrived, I poured over the detail, expressions, background and whatever else I could see. I was fascinated! 

Stories with a Camera

Later, I learned how to tell stories of life from Life, Look, and National Geographic magazines. They were invaluable sources of knowledge that are not available anymore. Analogue, really analogue. 

My Progression

When I grew up and could afford a camera, I met my future wife, Molly. She was the manager of the camera store and sold me my first camera. I took a while to get to know her and ask her out, being the shy type I was. Happily, she said yes, we “clicked” and the relationship “developed” …sorry, I couldn't help it.

We had two kids who grew up too fast. They learned to run the other way when dad had his camera. For good reason, too. They were very photogenic, so dad had his camera much of the time. Starting a few years ago as normally happens, they were old enough to not need dad around so much and my photography began to take off. I suppose it's one of the many circles of life. As they grew up, so did my photography.

You and Your Photos - Your History

I photograph mainly people (portraits) and weddings. I especially love and cherish the experience of weddings. Photos of families starting up on their first day have special meaning to me. When their children are old enough to look through their wedding albums a special thing will happen. Their family will have history. You get only one chance at this.

I have fun on the blog, too. I call it Giggling Streets. It is named after that tickly, good feeling you get when you see your own portrait or wedding album and really, really like it. Tickles are happy. Check out the blog. It has some fun stories.

Me Now

I live in Manatee County, FL with Molly, puppy Lucy, and occasionally my two kids who are married and way busy.

Contact Me - It's  Easy

I would love to get to know you whether it be for a wedding or portrait consult. It is no cost or obligation to talk with me. I want you to have the style you really want. Feel free to contact me.

You can contact me at

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